Eco-friendly products, in harmony with nature

Biodegradable paper packaging and paper towels made of 100% pure cellulose that are eco-friendly.

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A Family Business

The Family Business brand symbolizes well-placed trust of both buyers and consumers of our products. Companies in which at least two members of the same family are owners, supervisors, managers are awarded the label. One of the family members must also own shares of the company. A Family Business brand also represents a pride in both final product and the work put into the production process.


The World-recognized European Ecolabel mark is awarded for products and services that meet the highest sustainability requirements throughout their entire product life cycle. From acquiring source materials, through their processing and finally manufacturing, distribution and storage. Ecolabel promotes circular ecology by encouraging companies to produce less waste and give off less carbon dioxide at each of the steps in the production process, distribution and sales.

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council or FSC is a non-profit organization that sets standards for responsible forest management, taking into account all social, environmental and economic aspects. The FSC logo ensures a product was made from raw materials that came from reliable sources and that the entire supply chain meets FSC’s high quality and sustainability standards. FSC ensures that all needs and requirements of both forest management as well as indigenous people and endangered animal species are taken into account.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Nordic Swan Ecolabel also known as Nordic Swan is an official Scandinavian label of environmental friendliness. 90% of residents of a given region are familiar with it and take it into account in the consumers’ decision process. It’s an organization that brings together companies that voluntarily apply for a Nordic Swan sign confirming compliance with high sustainability and healthcare requirements set out by Nordic Ecolabelling and their shareholders.

Europejski Zielony Certyfikat

European Green Certificate and Green Certificate as well as Euro Eco Certificate are initiatives that were launched to support and motivate entrepreneurs. They aim at compiling with high sustainability standards in the European Union when offering their products, services and technology lines. These are important eco-friendly programs that support entrepreneurs engaged in sustainable activities while working on their products or offering their services.

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