Plastic dispenser


Plastic dispenser

Barcode: 1347 I Kolor Black
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About product

Solid and modern Plastic Dispenser was designed as a complement to our Take One napkins. Available in Black.

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Product description

Modern and effective Take One Mini Napkins are made of 100% pure cellulose. They are compatible with N4 system and N4 compatible dispensers. They’re perfect for hotels, restaurants, small food outlets and fast food chain restaurants.

Unique structure of the material and its high absorbency make our napkins 40% more efficient than similar products available on the market. Each case contains 40 packs of 200 napkins, ready to be placed in a dispenser.

Our attention to detail, modern machines and a cutting-edge technology as well as experienced staff on board ensures the best quality of products at a competitive price.

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Application and certificates

  • Restaurants
  • Food outlets


Number of items in a carton: 1 qty